Lipo 6x vs. Hydroxycut vs. Lipozene?

Lipo 6x vs. Hydroxycut vs. Lipozene?
Which one is best?

Don’t answer if you are simply going to be nasty or say that diet pills don’t work, don’t tell me I need to exercise or eat better.


Best answer:

Answer by Rachel C
try medifast I’m 13 and Ive been on it for three days and Ive already lost 4 pounds my mom has been on it for a month and shes lost 30 you eat every 2-3 hours its easy all you do is add water your only eating about 1,000 Cal’s a day so you have to add some Cal’s into that please look at it was made by a doctor by the way also you eat one lean and green meal a day about 6oz of meat and some veggies

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